Al Tawaun hotel apartment - AX92

  • 6 guests
  • 2 bed rooms
  • 2 beds
  • 3 bathrooms

Self Entry
Central Air Conditioning
Free Internet
Free Parking
Free Wifi
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Non Smoking
Parking Available
Smart TV


Additional Information

A hotel apartment in the Al-Tawaun neighborhood.

Enjoy the luxurious living you have always dreamed of during your visit to the capital, Riyadh, by renting monthly hotel apartments from Kease.

At Kease, we provide luxurious furnished apartments that are suitable for families and businessmen, and are suitable for short and long stays, where we provide the option of renting luxurious hotel apartments by the day, week, and month, in the most upscale neighborhoods of Riyadh in buildings with modern and elegant designs.

Advantages of renting luxurious furnished apartments from Kease

You can enjoy the elegance of living in the heart of Riyadh's neighborhoods, near major companies, institutions, and the most famous tourist landmarks and service centers, by renting luxurious furnished apartments by the day, week, or month.

The hotel apartments in Al-Tawaun neighborhood have many advantages:

  • Unit division
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3 beds
  • 4 guests
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Amenities:

Furniture and interior decor:

modern lifestyle begins with the exterior design of the property, entrance, and residential units, and furnishing them from the inside with modern furniture that is in line with the latest fashion trends, and comfortable wall colors that reflect comfort and relaxation to satisfy the feeling of a warm home.

Advantages of Al-Tawaun neighborhood:

Al-Tawaun in the north of Riyadh is considered one of the best neighborhoods that includes many basic living facilities and services that contribute to facilitating life for individuals, especially families, where there is peace and availability of recreational places and parks.

It includes:

  • A group of commercial and supply markets.
  • An area suitable for families as it includes schools, universities, and health care centers.
  • You can have fun with your family in Al-Tawaun Park and Al-Batin, and take children to Sparky's amusement park.
  • In addition to hosting the most famous shopping destinations, malls, restaurants, and cafes.
  • It is 18 minutes away from King Khalid International Airport.
  • It is 13 minutes away from the Kingdom Tower.
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غاده الصقعوب

عدم وجود احترافية في خدمة العملاء من حيث تسجيل الدخول والخروج وكذلك النظافه حيث لايوجد خدمة نظافه يومية خلال مدة إقامتك تسجيل الخروج جداً مبكر حيث يتم الخروج الساعه11ص عدم وجود خدمة مقدمة مقابل قيمة المبلغ المدفوع للإقامة

Kease Team
Kease Team
نعتذر بشدة عما حصل معك أستاذتي العزيزة و تأكدي أننا نعمل بجد على عمل جو مناسب أكثر لراحتك عزيزتي و سيتم تعويضك بخروج متأخر للساعة 1.00 خلال جميع حجوزاتك القادمة
فهد العتيبي

مكان مميز

Kease Team
Kease Team
Dec 18 – 24, 2021
عمر الحربي

ممتاز جدا

Kease Team
Kease Team
Jan 1 – 5, 2022
Mohammed Al-Bedaiwi

Thank you It was a great experience and it wont be the last

Kease Team
Kease Team
We are pleased with your nice comment
Fahad Mohammed

تعاملهم سلس وواضح

Kease Team
Kease Team
عميل مميز وراقي
Terms & Conditions

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking

  1. Cancellation is available 24 hours prior to check-in
  2. You can modify the reservation period 24 hours before the entry time.
  3. Cleaning service and delivery of additional supplies are provided at an additional price
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the residential unit.
  5. It is forbidden to hold parties in the residential unit.
  6. Please maintain the facilities of the housing unit, noting that a claim will be made in the event of any damage.

Terms & Conditions

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Kease Tawun AX92 Enjoy the luxury of living that you have always dreamed of during your visit to the capital, Riyadh, by renting hotel apartments per month from Keys. Reserve your unit now.
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