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Kease company a comprehensive solution for efficient and professional management of your residential unit
Kease is a Saudi platform licensed by the Ministry of Tourism to manage and operate luxury residential units. Our goal at Kease is to provide a successful and streamlined experience for investors while safeguarding their rights.


Here are some reasons why Kease is an excellent choice for managing your unit:

  1. Regular Profit Transfers: 
    Kease ensures that your profits are transferred regularly and consistently, contributing to excellent financial returns.
  2. Investor Privacy: 
    We prioritize investor privacy and work to protect their rights and interests.

  3. Dedicated Investor Platform: 
    Kease offers a private online platform for investors to monitor their unit’s performance and receive periodic reports.

  4. Marketing Across Platforms: 
    We market and showcase your unit on various digital platforms, increasing the chances of successful leasing

  5. Full Responsibility for Your Unit: 
    Kease takes full responsibility for managing and maintaining your unit, relieving you of the burden and ensuring a successful experience.
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