Al Murooj hotel apartment - GZ67

  • 5 guests
  • 2 bed rooms
  • 2 beds
  • 2 bathrooms
Self Entry
Central Air Conditioning
Free Parking
Free Wifi
Hair Dryer
Non Smoking
Smart TV
Stairs Elevator


Additional Information

Hotel apartment in Al Murouj neighborhood.

Experience a luxurious stay throughout your visit to Riyadh by choosing to rent a hotel apartment in Al Murouj neighborhood from Kease.

At Kease, we provide the finest fully-equipped hotel apartments for the comfort of our guests, suitable for various visit durations, as there are hotel apartments available for rent by the month, day, and week. They are also located near major companies, institutions, service centers, commercial and entertainment facilities.

Advantages of renting a hotel apartment in Al Murouj neighborhood:

Imagine all the conveniences, services, and hotel care available in luxurious furnished apartments, not just one hotel room, but several rooms with several bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen for you, your family, or even if you are alone on a business trip or a quick stay.

  1. Unit division:
  • 3 guests.

  • 2 bedrooms.

  • 2 beds.

  • 2 bathrooms.

  1. Amenities:
  • Smart entry.

  • Smart TV.

  • Washing machine.

  • Iron and ironing board.

  • Central air conditioning.

  • Fully equipped kitchen.

  • Hair dryer.

  1. Furniture and interior decor:

We carefully chose modern and calm wall colors for an elegant appearance, psychological comfort, and relaxation. In addition, we have comfortable modern furniture for an overall elegant and upscale look that befits you and your comfort.

Advantages of living in Al Murouj neighborhood:

Al Murouj neighborhood is one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in the heart of Riyadh, due to its service and commercial centers, various entertainment facilities, and of course its prime location.

It is located near King Fahd neighborhood, Al Nakheel neighborhood, Al Ghadir neighborhood, and Al Masif neighborhood.

It includes many hospitals and medical centers with various services and specialties.

It includes banks, financial institutions, and ATMs.

It includes famous restaurant chains and cafes.

It has shopping stores for the most luxurious global and local brands.

It has educational facilities from universities and schools for different educational stages.

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Mohamed Shabib


Kease Team
Kease Team
شكرًا لك على التقييم وفي انتظارك المرات القادمة ????????
Maram Ail

شكرا على حسن الضيافه والتعامل ???? 5/5

Kease Team
Kease Team
شاكرين لكم على التقييم
Terms & Conditions

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking

  1. Cancellation is available 24 hours prior to check-in
  2. You can modify the reservation period 24 hours before the entry time.
  3. Cleaning service and delivery of additional supplies are provided at an additional price
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the residential unit.
  5. It is forbidden to hold parties in the residential unit.
  6. Please maintain the facilities of the housing unit, noting that a claim will be made in the event of any damage.

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