Al Mugharrazat hotel apartment - GZ57

  • 6 guests
  • 3 bed rooms
  • 3 beds
  • 3 bathrooms
Self Entry
Central Air Conditioning
Free Internet
Free Parking
Free Wifi
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Non Smoking
Smart TV


Additional Information

A hotel apartment in Al-Mugharzat neighborhood.

Enjoy a new concept of luxurious accommodation with hotel apartments in Al-Aridh neighborhood from Kez for renting luxurious furnished apartments in Riyadh.

At Kease, we provide multiple options of furnished hotel apartments ready to accommodate all categories of visitors, tourists, businessmen, and family trips, and we provide multiple rental duration options, where there are daily rental apartments in Riyadh, and monthly rental hotel apartments.

Advantages of renting a hotel apartment in Al-Mugharzat neighborhood

In addition to the strategic location of Al-Mugharzat neighborhood and the elegance of the neighborhood and the provision of various services and facilities that meet your daily needs and achieve your goal of visiting Riyadh, furnished apartments enjoy many advantages:

1- Division of the housing unit

  • 6 guests.
  • 3 rooms.
  • 3 beds.
  • 3 bathrooms.

2- Comfort facilities

  • Self-entry.
  • Central air conditioning.
  • Free parking.
  • Hair dryer.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Washing machine.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Credit cards accepted.

3- Furniture and interior decoration
You can enjoy complete freedom and privacy with the multiplicity of rooms and the furnishing of the apartment with all your daily needs, in addition to the general taste of the apartment's furnishings, starting from choosing the latest bright wall colors and choosing modern and comfortable furniture pieces to enhance your comfort with what is consistent with your elegant taste.

Advantages of living in Al-Mugharzat neighborhood

One of the finest residential neighborhoods where you can spend your stay is Al-Mugharzat neighborhood, as it includes the most important and largest service and commercial centers and entertainment facilities, in addition to the strategic location of Al-Mugharzat neighborhood and the most important advantages:

  • Close to Al-Izdihar neighborhood, Al-Waha neighborhood, Al-Tawun neighborhood, Granada neighborhood, and Al-Quds neighborhood.
  • Includes entertainment facilities and shopping centers such as Al-Maalem Park, Al-Mugharzat Plaza, and the Municipality Square.
  • Includes the most important institutions such as the City Projects Coordination Office, the Ministry of Civil Service, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
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M.Zouher Sasa

واسعة ونظيفة لا يوجد شماعات في الخزانات ولا توجد رفوف في غرفة الاستحمام للشامبو وجل الاستحمام

Kease Team
Kease Team
شكرا لمشاركتنا ملاحظاتك ، وسيتم تزويدها للقسم المختص للعمل عليها

اقامه رائعة + النظافه و الاثاث و الموقع و الرد السريع ع الاستفسارات على مدار الساعه - السعر يعتبر مرتفع. وقت تسجيل الخروج

Kease Team
Kease Team
شكرا لمشاركتنا ملاحظاتك ، بامكانك التواصل مع خدمة العملاء في اي وقت للمزيد من الخصومات على السعر
محمد بن عبد الرحمن

ممتاز جدا

Kease Team
Kease Team
يسعدنا سماع ذلك ونحن نسعى دائما لتقديم افضل خدمة !
Munira Albeshri

+ النظافه ، الترتيب ، المكان رائع ويفتح النفس - وقت الخروج غير مناسب أبدا ، اتمنى يخلونه عند 12:30 - 1:30 مساءً

Kease Team
Kease Team
! شكرا لمشاركتنا ملاحظتك ونحن نسعى دائما لتقديم افضل خدمة
منيرة العريني

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Kease Team
Kease Team
Terms & Conditions

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking

  1. Cancellation is available 24 hours prior to check-in
  2. You can modify the reservation period 24 hours before the entry time.
  3. Cleaning service and delivery of additional supplies are provided at an additional price
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the residential unit.
  5. It is forbidden to hold parties in the residential unit.
  6. Please maintain the facilities of the housing unit, noting that a claim will be made in the event of any damage.

Terms & Conditions

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Kease Mughrizat GZ57 We provide various services and facilities, which meet your daily needs and achieve your goal of visiting Riyadh. Furnished apartments have many advantages
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