Al Yasmin hotel apartment - GX80

  • 6 guests
  • 3 bed rooms
  • 4 beds
  • 2 bathrooms
Self Entry
Central Air Conditioning
Free Parking
Free Wifi
Hair Dryer
Ironing Board
Non Smoking
Parking Available
Smart TV


Additional Information

Hotel Apartments in Al-Yasmin District

Experience peace, privacy, and comfort for you and your family during your visit to Riyadh by choosing the best accommodation solution, which is renting furnished hotel apartments from Kease.

At Kease, we offer you multiple options of luxurious hotel apartments in the finest residential neighborhoods in northern Riyadh that suit your daily needs and your stay period. There are options for monthly rental apartments or daily/weekly rental apartments that are close to the most important service, entertainment, and commercial facilities that suit you and your family.

Advantages of renting hotel apartments in Al-Yasmin District:

Enjoy unmatched luxury and elegance in the finest details of the hotel apartment that enhance your feeling of comfort and privacy during your stay. We take care of all the details for you, all you have to do is prepare your clothes, and leave the rest to us. Some of the advantages include:

1- Division of the residential unit:

  • 6 guests.
  • 3 bedrooms.
  • 4 beds.
  • 2 bathrooms.

2- Amenities:

  • Central air conditioning.
  • Free parking.
  • Free internet.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Self-entry.
  • Smart lock.
  • Smart TV.
  • Washing machine.
  • Iron and ironing board.

3- Furniture and interior decoration:

Because we care about your comfort and privacy, we paid attention to the finest details in the furnished apartment and designed it with the latest interior decoration styles to enhance your well-being. We furnished the apartment with the latest modern, comfortable, and practical furniture pieces that suit your unique taste.

Advantages of living in Al-Yasmin District:

Al-Yasmin district is one of the quietest and most luxurious residential neighborhoods in Riyadh. It has a strategic location that facilitates access to Al-Malqa and Al-Narjes districts. It also has all the schools, shopping centers, mosques, gardens, and health and treatment centers.

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Abdullah Aldossry

عندي تعليق بس على السعر على الرسوم الزايده خصوصا رسوم الضيوف انا كنت جاي مع عايلتيي شكرا لكم ان شاء الله راح نكررها مره ثانيه

Kease Team
Kease Team
أيوة هذي على حسب عدد الأشخاص، ولا يهمك برفع الملاحظة للقسم، ألف شكر لك أستاذي على التقييم، وان شاء الله دايم نكون عند حسن ظنك، نتشرف باقامتك عندنا في المرّات القادمة ان شاء الله ????????????
Harry Ewing

10. Fantastic customer service

Kease Team
Kease Team
Thank you very much for the review. We would be very happy to host you again next time ????????????
عبدالله عوض العنزي

مانامت خلال اليومين من عملية الاصلاح بالمبنى وتعذبت والله

Kease Team
Kease Team
شكرًا لك على أخذ الوقت لمشاركة ملاحظاتك معنا. نحن نأسف بصدق لسماعنا عن تجربتك مع خدمتنا. يرجى العلم أننا نأخذ ملاحظاتك على محمل الجد، ونحن ملتزمون بتحسين خدماتنا استنادًا إلى ملاحظات قيمة مثل التي قدمتها.

مميز المكان وانصح به هناك مبلغ قيمه النظافه مبالغ فيه ولم يتم اضافته ضمن السعر لديكم عند الحجز وهذا فيه نوع من الاشكاليه

Kease Team
Kease Team
عميل مميز وراقي وسيتم اخذ ملاحظتك بعين الاعتبار وبالنسبة للسعر فانه يظهر كامل بتفاصيل حجزك
Abdulrahman Mohammad

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Kease Team
Kease Team
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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking

  1. Cancellation is available 24 hours prior to check-in
  2. You can modify the reservation period 24 hours before the entry time.
  3. Cleaning service and delivery of additional supplies are provided at an additional price
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the residential unit.
  5. It is forbidden to hold parties in the residential unit.
  6. Please maintain the facilities of the housing unit, noting that a claim will be made in the event of any damage.

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