About Kease
What do we provide?
At Kease we offer luxury residential leasing solutions available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. You can book our residential units easily and with less complicated procedures. 
Where are Kease’s units located?
Currently, we offer our services in Riyadh only, and our residential units are in various areas of Riyadh.
Why should you book with Kease?
In Kease, we are keen to provide premium services that reflect the convenience requirements of our guests, therefore we choose our residential units based on:
-       Units’ safety 
-       Luxurious and elegant units
-       Booking and entering the unit without  
What are Keys' free services?
- Free Internet
- Free Parking
- Free Netflix and Shahid subscriptions   
How to book with Kease?
At Kease we offer many booking options to ease the booking process for our guests:
-       Booking through the website: www.Kease.io   
-       Booking through Kease App
-       Book through calling customer service 920033775
How do I know if my booking is completed?
If you complete all your booking steps, you will receive a text message from kease showing your booking details.
You can also visit Kease website or app to review your booking details by clicking on the "My Bookings" option.
How to enter the unit?
At Kease, we combined residency services and artificial intelligence services. 
All Keyes units are equipped with smart door locks,  and you can only open the door with an access code shared with you in an SMS 24 hours prior your booking.
How can I view Kease units?
You can view all Kease units and their photos by visiting Kease website or app, and you can also view more information such as location, additional services, etc.
When can I check-in and check-out?
The check-in time is 3:00 pm and the check-out time is 11:00 am
Can I check-in before 3:00 PM?
Yes, if the booked unit is ready and available
Can I delay the check-out time?
Yes, you can with an extra charge (150 SR per hour)
Does it require creating an account with Kease to complete the booking?
It doesn't require creating an account, but we urge our guests to do so to follow up and manage your bookings.
Payment and cancellation
Kease payment methods?
You can complete the payment through the website or app using:
-       Mada
-       Mastercard
-       Visa
-       Appel pay
Kease cancellation policy?
-       Bookings can be cancelled 24 hours prior to the booking day for unpaid bookings.
-       For paid bookings, the amount will be deposited in your wallet in Kease.
For more about cancellation policy click here 
Unit Laws
Is smoking allowed in Kease units?
It is preferable not to smoke, but there are some units where smoking is allowed, and you can call our customer service om 920033775 to check for it. 
The fine for smoking in Keys units is up to 500 SR.
Are pets allowed in Kease units?
Pets are not allowed, and the guests bear the costs of all damages.
What are Kease laws and what do they entail?
-       Any damage to the unit and its furniture will be claimed from the guests.
-       Keys not responsible for any missing belongings after checking out
-       Parties and any disturbances to the neighbors will entail legal action and a Kease is entitled to remove the guest
-       Delay in payment after extending the stay will entail Kease removing the guest at any time until payment is completed.